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Engagement The Week Before Spring Break

Engagement The Week Before Spring Break

Just over a week before spring break and we have the trifecta of student distractions and craziness; vacation anticipation, March Madness, and Saint Patrick’s Day. Individually, each can cause a migraine for even the most seasoned teacher. But, all three at the same time is enough to make you think about using those banked sick days.

Tips for Surviving the Week before Spring Break

  1. Keep your assignments active and hands-on. If you plan an activity that is going to cause noise and movement, you won’t notice how antsy the kids really are.

  2. Count down with the kids. Create a fun way to countdown to spring break with the kids. Let’s face it, we are just as excited as they are!

  3. Created themed assignments for students that lean into the craziness. Have students create a March Madness bracket in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Play the Saint Patricks Day Edition of the Quick Pitch Challenge. Have students make a budget for their dream spring break.

  4. Take a deep breath and keep telling yourself, “I will soon have a week off.”

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