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Personal Finance in All Content Areas

Explore how all content areas can collaborate to implement personal finance in their classrooms through project based learning. Create a wide exposure to financial goals and practices for students of all ages. 

Facilitating an Entrepreneurship Classroom

An entrepreneurial classroom should be conducive to exploration, creativity, and collaboration. Create an environment that encourages risk taking and critical thinking while promoting an understanding of challenges and opportunities. 

Engaging Accounting Activities

Accounting activities can be engaging, interactive, and rewarding. Incorporate games, puzzles, and other hands-on activities to make accounting more enjoyable. 

Innovation in the CTE Class

Incorporate new and creative approaches to career and technical education with project based learning and real world problem solving. Increase student engagement, achievement, and long term success. 

Building a Philanthropic Spirit in Your Students 

Involve your students in activities that raise awareness of social issues and encourage them to get involved in their own community. Do this by creating projects and providing opportunities for your students to interact with members of the community allowing them to develop a closer connection and greater appreciation for philanthropy.

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